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Caspar Leopard is a composer, primarily working in film, TV and games, whose work includes the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 TV drama ‘Through The Gates’ (2018) and recent NFA nominated feature drama ‘Zebra Girl’ (2021). 

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Caspar is based at Baltic Studios, the East-London recording studio he co-founded in 2012 - recent artists include Bjork, Skepta, Artic Monkey’s & Wes Anderson. Coming from a background of writing, producing and touring in various bands, Caspar brings a wide array of productional experience to his compositions and is as equally at home making driving electronic compositions or hybrid ambient pieces as he is scoring in the more contemporary classical styles.


Caspar trained in film composition at the National Film & Television School. He wrote his thesis about the problem of homogeneity in contemporary film music and has a particular interest in working with directors who share a desire to craft original sonic aesthetics for their films.


Caspar has worked on a number of critically acclaimed productions, notably: ‘The Happy Genius’ (2017) for which he was awarded ‘Best Score’ at the Global Lift-Off Film Awards, the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 drama ‘Through The Gates’ (2018), directed by BAFTA winning, Stella Corradi, 'The Blood Bride' (2020), where he was nominated for 'Best Original Score' at the ISFMF Awards, ‘Zebra Girl’ (2021) which was nominated for a National Film Award and the multi-award winning stop-motion animation, 'Curiosa' (2022).

Recent Work
Terminus - Trailer
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