'IS THIS REAL?' 2018


Music by Caspar Leopard. Video Written & Produced by Caspar Leopard & Stefano Cassini. Directed and Animated by Stefano Cassini. Art Direction by Caspar Leopard & Stefano Cassini. Cinematography by Stefano Cassini. CG Animation by Ben Wilson.


Debut EP ‘Restoration’ 2018

’Son Of The Morning’ 2018

Written & Directed by Caspar Leopard. Music by Caspar leopard. Animated by Ben Wilson. Caspar was awarded ‘Best Music Video’ at the London International Motion Picture Awards (LIMPA) in 2019 for ‘Son Of The Morning’.


’Expire Pt. I’ 2017

Written & Directed by Caspar Leopard & Hannah Mckibbin. Music by Caspar Leopard. DOP: Rob Wilton. Edited by Matylda Dymek.